Wholism for World Peace N.Z.

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Laurence Black
The world is one united whole,
The world is the body, and God the soul.

– Cicero.
Holism and Wholism complement one another, Spiritual Wholism is a foundation for Holism.






Background and Vision 




The Adventure of Life. 
The Adventure of Life
– a Wholistic View


Wholism and cosmic being 


Social transformation 


Spiritual wholism 


Wondrous Universe. 


Wheel of Causation. 


World be Changed. 


Wholistic communications
The Wholistic Communications Network
– a Vision for the future.




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I would like to acknowledge the following for their valuable help with this Wholistic Communication Project:

Caroline Mabry,
for her encouragement, without which much of the material on this website would never have been written. Also for arranging the creation of the website.

Bruce Grenville,
our Graphic Designer (see links), for all his suggestions and painstaking work in setting up and constructing our website. The result is much appreciated.

Thanks and appreciation,
Laurence Black.

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