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The world is one united whole,
The world is the body, and God the soul.

– Cicero.


Rua Road, Winter 2005


AN AFFIRMATION FOR SPIRITUAL WHOLENESS: To be read, (or verbalised) twice daily, once before arising in the morning, and once before going to sleep in the evening, (or additionally, at any time that one's spiritual batteries need recharging from the Cosmos).

1. I am created in Wholeness, and throughout my life, I continue to create my Wholeness, and to support yours also.

2. Everything in the Cosmos is interconnected.     I am connected with all of the Cosmos, and all of the Cosmos is connected with me.     This is true for you and everybody else as well.     We are all within the Universe, but the Universe is within us also.

3. Though it may not always seem so, the Universe is always working beneficially, and is moving toward a beneficial destination.     This includes you and me, and all other beings.

4. You are in me, and I am in you, and all is in tune and at one.    Your soul is a gift to me, as is mine to you.     I am your friend and your guide, as are you to me.     Likewise, the whole Universe is our friend and our guide if we allow it to be so, and works from within us, as well as from the outside.     It provides us with all that we really need (though not necessarily all that we may think we need!).

5. Despite any appearance to the contrary, we are all brothers, sisters, and companions together, as the Universe unfolds.     The Whole of the Cosmos is our family, and the whole of our existence is an adventure within it.

6. As I affirm all of these things, I am playing my own part in co-creating the Loving Universe that I have always desired to be a part of, so that others may receive this from me, just as I wish to receive it from them.

Copyright Laurence Black, May 2006.
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Note: Permission to reproduce the above is freely given, provided that acknowledgement of origin is shown, and contact details are included.

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