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The world is one united whole,
The world is the body, and God the soul.

– Cicero.

Wondrous Universe.

In human life we fashion for self an identity
From the magical energies of the Eternal.
The Limitless chooses the adventure of limitation
in the material world.
Adventure not possible without misadventure hiding
itself around the corners of life.
We select this brave stance and go forth with a story of being up against the adversities cast upon us by the world.
How precious these afflictions with which we are beset –
Human life to be lived with all of its adversities and trials
Yet for all that, to win through and become special
despite it all.
And at the end of life to lose identity once more,
And though fearful of this end, to find when we are done,
That somehow, miraculously, we are of the Eternal
Hovering behind our human selves all the time,
in timelessness,
And the Purity and Radiance of the Infinite Being.

Laurence Black.



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