Wheel of Causation

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by Caroline Mabry


Look at the wheel of causation. The Unity of Universal awareness is the wheel because when it spins we see the Unity of God. When we slow it down we see the human condition illustrated. On a universal level there are infinite causes, but in terms of human necessity to seek improvement of our situation we need to break our understanding of an event into a few relevant components. Then ideas on a subject can be explored in group discussion and a decision made by concensus or through the more common process of voting.

Hopefully politicians and all who seek a more peaceful world would benefit from the overview this wheel can provide. All too rarely in the newspapers do we hear pleas from individuals for government decision makers to look at problems holistically. Holism is a part of Wholism(from the point of soul). Holism is seeing all the parts of the whole without acknowledging that all parts are the universal awareness or God.

The components of the wheel can be varied, but it is useful to acknowledge all the general elements of life made imperfect by the necessity of dualism. The breakdown of Universal Awareness into parts is necessary for understanding the human condition.

We want peace; we want the adventure of living. Somewhere between the two, on the continuum between peace and adventure we, as individuals and a society can decide where we want to place ourselves. Understanding the nature of existence by use of a wheel has been done by Buddhists, and perhaps an academic or two. This The Wheel of Causation below can be a useful tool to accomplish decision making by a society, group or individual.

Wheel of Causation Example Image

It is expected that any individual's design of wheel categories would reflect their own point of view. The above wheel reflects my point of view. So adapt this to your point of view.

Any one pie slice of the wheel can be further examined by filling in another wheel for a deeper understanding of the problem to be examined.


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