?Can The World Be Changed?

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Put very simply, the answer is a YES!      But to achieve it is NOT so simple!


For to achieve it means that mankind has to change, and it seems like as the old saying goes, ‘the leopard cannot change its spots.’ And this particular animal (mankind) has been trying to do that for some thousands of years. We still, as nations, kill very many thousand of our peoples through war. There is still all of man’s inhumanity to man. And there is still the crime, the violence, and the corruption. Even some of the main religions of the world, in their effort to ‘save men’s souls,’ have themselves committed many of the above social crimes in the name of God, because they misunderstood the true nature of the Divine. It seems that mankind projects the image and qualities of man upon its God. Anger and dire punishment for non-compliance (as interpreted by men). Yet all of this through a seeming effort to lift the souls of the men and women of our world.  

And so, in view of all-of-the above, how could anyone have the temerity to assert that our world can be changed or that this animal can change its spots!

It’s this way: in the case of mankind the spots are not visible, and so we do not observe that all of his spots are not the same. For as well as all the inhumanity, it’s clear that man does reveal many, many instances of loving acts made (often at much risk) on behalf of others in danger or hardship and in day-to- day living. Really, despite all of the cruelty, anger, greed, and other sins, it is the loving acts that make the world go around, not the fear, and certainly not the hate!

What mankind requires for creating a better adventure in this world, and what he has not yet had, is a paradigm shift. Many individuals have had this shift in consciousness, but found the task to convey it to the rest of mankind too daunting a project.

So why does anyone think it could happen in our own times?      What has changed is that we have begun to realise that we have come to the point where we are seriously endangering the very ability of our Adventure Playground Earth to continue to support human life, perhaps beyond the next fifty or so years.

When nations feel threatened and endangered from others it is customary to go to war. A zest for the war effort is quickly raised because it is in accord with our heritage for ages past to protect ourselves in this way. And so the young drop everything else to join in this new and big ‘adventure’.

But now, when our whole planet and the populations of our Earth are endangered, there is no customary or habitual national or agreed upon international effort. It is easier, it seems, to believe it’s not really happening, or it will go away by itself, or will be fixed when ‘the scientists’ put their minds to it. But without some greater international effort this very real ‘war’ will not be won. It is not just the danger to the environment that is present, but the malady that affects all of mankind collectively, and many, many people at the individual level. This is patently obvious if we but glance at the following human problems within our society: the drug scene; crime levels; increasing violence; widespread mental and emotional problems, to name just a few of them.

There are ways out of all of the dangers and dilemmas, and these can be provided by the creation of a strong ‘war effort’ by a world-wide Wholistic Movement. The knowledge and the technology exist, but these are not yet widely known or distributed, for want of trained volunteers and of the necessary funding.


There are many, many people with the means to fund this great movement for a consciousness shift to the next level that awaits mankind. We see many creative people, like movie stars, and people famous in the business world, who know that mankind needs a new wisdom. They pour millions of dollars of aid into projects to help the world, but which will not cause the changes that would bring mankind to a better level of wisdom.  They need to reach out and discover the beginnings of the Wholistic Movement for planetary change and put resources into that, because it’s like a plant that isn’t getting the water it needs, and if this continues the movement will wilt and probably die. A great chance for mankind will have been wasted. 

At this point we need to take the time to closely examine the ‘spots’ (or the nature) of the human being. For what this reveals is the foundation for the necessary paradigm or consciousness shift. The world cannot be perfect because without the possibility of
 misadventure there can be no challenge and no adventure. The human race could not function without that. But for the proper survival and progress of humankind in this twenty-first century, we need a more enlightened world than we have.

The Spots of Mankind 

There are two types of spots.  One kind of spot gives us great potential for a raised awareness and understanding that can lead to a new and better level of existence for the whole of mankind.

The other kind of spot does the opposite. It gives us incorrect and harmful ideas and beliefs, and blocks us from greater levels of consciousness and understanding.

We could call the first kind of spots ‘plus spots’, and the second kind, ‘minus spots’.

We are now going to put a magnifying glass upon one of the big plus spots of mankind. Without the understanding that this gives us, we have no proper foundation for our needed consciousness-shift.

Plus spot 1.

Human beings function on several levels (or modes) of consciousness. A basic holistic version of this is that there are three fundamental levels through which our consciousness works, and each of these is different, and each of them follows different laws. These three are, in order of seniority (lowest at the bottom),  


 Somehow, the materialist belief is that mind and spirit are but aspects or products of materiality (physical matter and energy). We assert that this is a mistaken belief. And mistaken beliefs are what lead to the problems of humankind. Unfortunately this belief is widespread in the world in our present age. I believe though that scientists will eventually, and surprisingly, be the ones to discover the proof of our assertion!

There is another version of these levels and modes of consciousness which is more complete, and so leads to a greater understanding of the human condition:


MIND (this roughly divides in two parts, higher, and lower minds.)                         

There are other possibly even more complete versions of the modes of being of man, but the above will serve us well enough for the present. It’s not so important to have it all 100% correct as it is to understand that there are different modes, and to understand the main ones so that we can understand life, and the human condition, properly.

You will probably see straight away that different people are more fully active on some levels than they are on others. These differences account for the different kinds of people according to the varied modes of consciousness of the levels that they occupy. Also a factor is the degree to which a person occupies a particular level or mode of being, or how often he/she occupies it.

 We are meant to be able to function at all of these levels in an integrated and balanced way as creatively appropriate to the situation, and not have any of the modes in a blocked or unusable condition. For example, positive, free-flowing emotion is a beautiful thing when balanced and integrated with the levels from higher mind and upward. But if the individual is only able to function in the modes of body, emotion, and lower mind, then emotion is more often overtly, or covertly, used as a destructive weapon.

One more important thing to be known is that our activity at lower levels is moderated and changed for the better by the highest mode of consciousness that we inhabit at the time of the action. And so it is that a person while active in the mode of soul will act through his/her body, emotions, and mind, in a totally more enlightened way than a person in whom the highest level active is the lower mind. The lower mind of itself just looks to gain advantage for itself and for those persons it relies upon.

Here, we need to clarify exactly what we mean by the term ‘soul’, because different people use it to mean so many different things. We do not mean the emotional being of a person. We are indicating that it is the mode of our being that has a sense of togetherness and unity with others. It is the centre of compassion, kindness, and care for the welfare of all, and the sense of the brotherhood of all men and women belongs here. It recognises somehow that despite all appearances to the contrary, despite all of the things that are wrong in the world, the universe is basically beneficent. It has a sense of its unity with the ultimate intelligence behind and within the universe (some may call this ‘the Universe’), others call it Cosmic Being, or Divine Being, and many call it God. It doesn’t matter, I think, what we call it. That depends
upon our own personal philosophy, but it is the higher intelligent power of and behind everything.

Another brief clarification needs to be made about the difference between ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’, because many people believe that they are the same things. ‘Soul’ is the consciousness of Divine Being, whereas ‘spirit’ is the energy of Divine Being. At the soul level we are given consciousness of and oneness with the Divine, and at the level of spirit we are opened to receive empowering energy of Divine Being.     

If we study the above modes of consciousness in the light of the problems of the world, it’s not difficult to see that when human beings mainly only occupy the lowest two- and-a-half levels, namely: lower mind, emotions, and body, we are going to have problems and strife. This is because the consciousness of those modes includes the strong concept that we are all fundamentally separate entities, and so when differences occur there is alienation and strife, pain, problems and trouble.

On the other hand you can see that if people in general are educated in the levels above, and so enabled to aspire to and to attain the consciousness of the levels from higher mind and upwards, there will be harmony. This is because the laws of the higher levels create a sense of our fundamental unity and togetherness, not separateness. And so in contrast to the lower levels in which ‘power and advantage over others’ is the mode, the higher levels are in the mode of ‘power with others’, and willingness to share resources, because ONENESS and a sense of TOGETHERNESS are features of those upper modes,  

Another thing that is now easier to see is that if we do not have an understanding of these different modes of existence, it’s easy to misunderstand, or get somewhat bemused and confused about human behaviour. We then get a sense of powerlessness to do anything to affect in any major way the problems of the world, without resorting to violence or intimidation. Also, without being familiar with the levels how could we ever work to develop them?

It’s not so much of a difficult task, because the lift to our inner personal morale that is spontaneously generated by lifting our level of understanding also opens us to inhabiting the upper levels spontaneously!      


Copyright Laurence Black, 26th November 2007.
For The Wholistic Education Foundation,
E-mail: meteorite@paradise.net.nz

Note: Permission to use or copy this material is freely given on condition that credit of origin and full contact details are clearly stated.


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