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The world is one united whole,
The world is the body, and God the soul.

– Cicero.



Background & Vision.

At present, we are just a few individuals who realise that a new level of awareness is within the grasp of mankind through the insights and technologies available within the philosophy of Wholism. If you have read from the various articles presented on this web-site, you will have some idea of its scope. I recently did a 'Google search' on 'Wholism', and found about 38,000 entries. Many of them seem to have much the same insight and philosophy. Imagine if we could all get together for a symposium on the subject, and how to bring into being its ideals and projects. I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand, and suggest something like a five-day conference be organised in Auckland, to activate and energise all of our mutual goals.

Much of my life has been spent in discovering, and eventually, creating methods that people may easily learn to clear away the effects of the stresses, frustrations and upsets that get in the way of happy fulfilled lives. This has a bonus for anyone in relationship, or contact with the users of these simple methods. They are not then subject to being afflicted by the emotional upsets, negativity, frustrations and stresses, that associates, friends, family, and loved ones so often inflict on those around them.

Imagine the wellbeing for humankind, if all people used these methods, and so were able to remain positive and happy.

I have also devised a program that Governments may use to educate teenagers in order to raise the general level of mental health of society, and to reduce the youth suicide rate.

These methods are currently being written up, and can be incorporated into the technology of the Wholistic Movement.

Mental wellbeing makes it easier for the individual to function better in the spiritual and soul domains, and as these are vital aspects of life, cannot be left out of the wholistic model of living.

Moving now to the future, we visualise a greater level of wellbeing and wisdom for humankind, as wholistic education, insight, and technology spread, and become widely used world-wide. For this to happen will require the formation of wholistic groups throughout the world, and a Wholistic umbrella organisation to devise and forward action programs to catalyse social transformation and well-being.

I am now in my elder years, and will have to leave it to others to act with the necessary energy to bring the vision into reality. The sketch of a vision for the creation of a Wholistic Network Headquarters Organisation, that follows, is just a vision. I write as though it has been brought into being already, but I do that only to bring to life and to clearly illustrate how it may be brought into existence. Here is the story, and the 'dream'. I hope that they may become apart of your story, and your dream.

Vision of a Wholistic Network Headquarters Organisation

We began as a brainstorming group consisting of 6 members. We had meetings every 2 weeks initially, to come to some consensus on how to grow first into a Founding Group, and then into the headquarters of a Wholistic Network that would catalyse a world wide Wholistic Movement. Soon, each member brought a new interested person to our brainstorming group, so then we were 1 dozen founder-members.

Our group is in possession of much knowledge and insight on how to begin, and then forward a process of raising the level of awareness of, and the emotional and mental health of people, and to then get things going in order to expand this throughout the world. We wanted to start something to bring about a wiser, more mature mankind that we potentially are capable of becoming, given the needed funding and the sponsorship necessary to obtain for the forwarding of our many envisioned projects.

Mankind needs to reach a new level of wisdom in order to prevent the dangers of the serious misuse of the powers bestowed upon it by the huge and rapid advances of science. We are now within reach of the ability to unleash a Pandora's Box of serious problems through misuse of our powers. Destruction of a habitable environment is only one serious problem. Possible nuclear radiation, or destruction is another. Then there is the possibility looming of the ability to genetically engineer the crossing of humans with animals to create chimeras. A temptation would be (on the part of unethical people, to use these as a slave underclass). What sort of a world could we be creating, if we don't somehow manage to bring mankind into much closer tune and accord with the higher nature, inherent in all of us. This is in the form of the spiritual soul, the qualities of which are love, brotherhood, insight, compassion, kindness, and wisdom, and not motivated by greed or lust for power.

This doesn't mean that we need to be perfect. Just that things have gone out of balance, so that some greater degree of the above soul-qualities are needed now to bring balance and wisdom to a better level, so that mankind may survive and prosper. We can then move forward towards a better adventure upon this playground that we call Earth.

To return now to the activities of our Founding Group; we decided to work to gain another six founder-members, then to divide into pairs. Each such pair created would take the responsibility together, for creating one of the different subgroups that would act as organs working together to establish and expand the achievement of our objectives.

In the medium term there may be needed more than nine sub sections for our organisation, but one has to start off at a basic level, and expand to a full complement of the necessary functions as we gather strength, resources, and funding. At one of our meetings we brainstormed to arrive at a consensus of which nine basic subgroup functions were going to be most needed in order to grow and expand successfully. These we decided were the following:

Membership and Membership Recruitment Activities
(including both of individuals and of affiliate groups)

Publication and Dissemination
of information about Wholism, its insights, technology, and objectives (Includes creation of a magazine)

Communication, contact, and interaction
(at both public and personal levels) to foster activity and growth. Includes computer use and know-how

Fund Raising and Accounting

Staff Recruitment, Training, and Post Assignment
Volunteers and salaried staff, as sponsorship funding available.

Provision of Courses, Seminars, Discussion-groups and Public Talks

Development of Wholistic Projects
(to be undertaken as funding allows)

Governing Council and Policy Development

Political Action and Lobbying

The pairs for each sub-section began to set up and develop the activities of their sub-groups, whilst the subgroup for finding voluntary staff began recruiting activities to provide the several subgroups with voluntary staff members.

The voluntary staff began working from their own homes, and communicated between themselves as needed by telephone, email, and meetings as needed and appropriate.

An intention was established by the governing council to find a headquarters and working premises for the staff. This, either by being given free use of an unused operating space by a sponsor for an initial establishment period, or else from the donation of operating capital by wealthy supporters, from which to pay for rental space.

The staff recruitment group decided to go all out to find a further two voluntary staff members for each subgroup as soon as possible, so as to increase the effectiveness and activity level of the whole endeavour.

This would initially be by use of advertising in the few local and trade newspapers that provide some free advertising space for non-profit groups. Also, low-cost advertising is sometimes available on certain TV. Channels, for non-profit societies, this funded from membership fees and donations. Other recruitment methods could be by house-to-house canvassing, following up leads provided by supporters, communication on the Internet, possibly by use of talk back radio. Possibly, the promotion of the purposes and activities of our organisation whilst canvassing for free advertising from media organisations and magazines and journals. Such methods could be expanded into some paid-for promotions, as sponsorship funds become available.

At the end of the first six months of activity, each subgroup had gained a volunteer staff of four persons.

Our general membership numbered thirty-five persons, and our affiliate group members totalled eight groups and affiliated organisations.

By now, the industrious work of the fund raising subgroup had resulted in accumulation of $10,000 of funds. Additionally they were in contact with a multimillionaire who appeared to be very interested in the goals that we have, and was considering the donation of very substantial funding in support of our activities.

Now that we had achieved some basic funding, we were able to finance the first stages of some programs and activities. The first of these was to set up a course to instruct people in how to use simple techniques to raise their personal emotional wellbeing. This includes a simple but effective method to release day-to-day stresses and emotional frustrations and blockages. This, once understood and used, raises the morale and happiness, not only of the individual concerned, but also benefits their families and associates. This occurs through the friendly positivity that grows and replaces whatever negativity and emotionally upsetting stresses and frustrations that used to be inflicted on those in contact with the individual.

Family members, friends and associates are impressed, and learn to use the same techniques. As success breeds success, the delivery of courses becomes more widespread. The model of our group is propagated on the Internet, and enthusiastic followers in other countries create similar and affiliating groups. Our group supplies them with all needed information, technology and written material that can be used as a toolkit for setting up the model to grow new and effectively active Wholisic groups. Such activity then begins to spread throughout the world.

In the meantime, good works by the other subgroups have caused a general advancement of our activity and effectiveness. More volunteers join our staff, and the membership and affiliate membership ranks. The fundraisers have communicated all over the world, contacting potential benefactors who support our principles, goals and projects. More funding begins to flow in at a higher level enabling us to further expand our projects and activities.

There is by now a healthily functioning program of courses, discussion groups, public talks and seminars functioning to educate the public about Wholistic principles and wisdom. These are educating people in how to live more in tune with the inner spiritual soul which is our most fundamental essence, and is in fact both part of and at one with the Cosmic Intelligence behind all of existence. This increases the general sense of fulfilment, wellbeing, love, and brotherhood for others, and a sense of the togetherness of all people and races.

Eventually, as this in-tuneness with the deeper soul spreads through the world, the crime rate begins to fall. Reliance on drugs and alcohol abates, as people find that contact with the inner soul, and following its lead, brings inner satisfaction and fulfilment into their lives. This is because the general sense of separateness fear and alienation generated by that area of the mind we know as the 'ego,' no longer dominates. It is transformed by the release into activity of the soul-energies.

Mental and emotional-health begin to improve generally, as the results of all these programs takes effect. In time, all of this leads to greater co-operation between countries, which begin to work together under a reconstituted United Nations Organisation.

Alongside of the changes wrought by living more in accord with the soul and its ways, The whole spirit of mankind is gradually regenerated. The goal is not perfection, but to create a better adventure on this Earth. The inner Spirit is not the same thing as the soul. In the territory of Spirit is the spirit of adventure that embodies our lives, as well as the will to work to enhance the wellbeing of all life.

Finally, the new level of awareness and insight about life that has become widespread has brought mankind to a new wisdom. This allows us to ethically deal with all of the powers unlocked by the advances of science, and so to be able to repair any damage that was done to our living environment. A new age for mankind is thus the dawn of a new civilisation.

Copyright Laurence Black, 7th June 2006.
acting as catalyst for the formation of a World Wide Wholistic Education Foundation.

Note: Permission to reproduce the above is freely given, provided that acknowledgement of origin is shown, and contact details are included.

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