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The world is one united whole,
The world is the body, and God the soul.

– Cicero.


It is long past the time when all the people of the world should have spoken out clearly against the increasing cruelty and violence being perpetrated against innocent victims, without regard to who they are, whether men, women or children. The terrorists of this world don't care that the victims have no connection at all with the struggle that they are engaged in. They believe that by striking fear into the hearts of people at large, that they will gain many more followers and adherents
for their various causes. It doesn't matter whether or not their struggles are based on genuine grievances. We would be naive to think that they act like they do without any provocation at all. But all that is achieved in the end by this kind of violence is to lead the world onto the slippery slope of ever increasing levels of fear and violence. This will be the heritage that will result.

It is very easy to put the responsibility for this situation onto others. We can just throw blame upon the terrorists, or upon the governments of the world for acting in directions of self-interest, or in many cases for riding roughshod over the legitimate interests of other peoples of the world. We can blame the weaknesses of the United Nations and its structure, or the fact that a few nations hold the power of the veto in that organisation. We could blame the U.S.A. for pushing the U.N. to enforce their resolutions with regard to Iraq, while ignoring the resolutions made requiring Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories of the Palestinians. We could blame the general level of ethics and morality of people at large, all the greed, the fear, the lack of regard for others, or any of the other so-called 'deadly sins'.

But it doesn't solve anything while people are only blaming the level of ethics and morality of others. We have all to realise that if we want to live in a decent kind of world, we ourselves must act decently! The levels of ethics and morality seem to have been declining over a long period, so that perhaps we all have a lot to do if we really want to turn the world around. Holding onto the illusion that we ourselves have little fault in this matter, is probably one of the greatest ills to be overcome if we're to take our part in creating a better world. Of course, if you thrive on an emotional addiction to all the excitement and the sensations that you get out of the conflicts and problems that exist, then don't pretend that you don't like how it is!

For those who genuinely want the world to be a better place, there is something we first have to address. That is being more willing to give time to doing something about it. We excuse ourselves from this on many counts like the following:

1. "I'm only one person, so I can't really do anything"---. Well, each of us is only one person. Does that mean no one can do anything? We can form groups to catalyse action. We can communicate and co-ordinate with other groups via the Internet. There is a lot we can do if we join together and network! There is a whole big list of projects just waiting for volunteers. Working steadily on these would begin the process of putting 'Humpty-Dumpty' back together again!

2. "I'm too busy, I have so many responsibilities and pressures in my life already, I can't take on anymore"! --- This is one of the main problems in the world. Possibly, it's the main one. It is tempting to think that we can immerse ourselves in our own things and the world will look after itself. Well it won't! You either want a better world or you don't. If you do, you have to give some time to helping the process. You may have to look at and change your priorities, perhaps reduce time spent on other personal, even selfish desires.

3. "Governments are supposed to take care of these things! That's what I pay my taxes for!" --- Funny joke! --- That's NOT what Governments do. They are already overwhelmed trying to run things; the economics etc., and trade matters, passing laws, trying to control the direction their countries take on many fronts, and trying to gain advantage politically. They're not into the task of making a better world for everyone!

4. "The 'powerbrokers' of this world are in a conspiracy to create a New World Order, so that the powerful families of the world can dictate totally what happens. Eventually, anyone who doesn't comply won't remain in employment. I couldn't afford to put my family in such a position" --- We can argue all we like about whether or not there is such a world conspiracy. Whether there is or there isn't doesn't alter the fact that there will always be people who are at the top of the pecking order. If you believe that the conspiracy is real, you're best to join us to prevent the semi-slavery of mankind. If it isn't real, we still need to join forces to stop the decline into fear and violence throughout the world. Make no mistake, no place on earth will escape if the trend is allowed to go unchecked.

5. "I'm not really interested in changing the way things are in the world. I like it the way it is. I like all of the excitement, the problems and the conflict. I don't mind that there is so much suffering in the world: hunger, homelessness, terrorism, torture, etc., (just so long as they don't ever happen to me!)" --- O.K! At least you are being honest, even if not realistic. Karma will probably look your way some day, whether in this life or in the next, wherever that happens to be.

6. The list could go on for pages. Perhaps, here you could write in your own pet reasons for doing nothing! If you're unwilling to review these, and let go of them, well then, stop asking the world to change itself for you. Evidently life is so good for you as it is, that your own personal satisfaction is all that matters. Then, accept the world with all its violence and injustice, for by default, you empower it to remain just as it is!!

In case anyone thinks I'm trying to make people fearful or feel guilty, no, that's not so at all! How could joining up with other motivated people to help turn things around, be other than a joyful experience.

As for making anyone feel guilty, no, what I'm actually doing is getting you to look at some facts about the situation and how you really feel about the way things are in this world. If you are perfectly happy with the way things are, that's up to you. I don't look for you to feel guilty. But if you really don't like the way things are, and are not willing to do anything about it, and this brings up feelings of guilt from somewhere at some level of your consciousness, you will possibly feel quite annoyed with me. But it's not my doing if feelings of guilt arise. Those feelings with regard to what we're discussing will have been there, below the surface for a long time. They are your own creations. I merely got you to look at some things, and feelings that have previously been covered over and repressed have re-emerged. This at least indicates that you are still open to your own soul, something that a lot of people cannot still say! What you do with this is yours to say, and what effect this has upon the status of your soul in the future is totally up to yourself. You can't really justify holding me responsible for it! It is simply a fact that things being how they are, any really genuine person must face up to and decide what stand to take on this issue. Just letting it go by default on the part of most of us is what has allowed things in the world get to how they now are!


This task has many parts. That is why the solution has to be a wholistic one. The term wholistic is coined to convey wholeness. The world is like Humpty Dumpty, it has to be mended, or made whole! Wholism is a combination of the concepts of Holism, Wholeness, and enlightened understanding.

Holism: This is the concept that there are several different layers, levels or modes within the whole of existence. If something is wrong somewhere, it's necessary to address it or fix it in the area or level at which the problem came into existence, plus any other area that has suffered damage consequent to that. To do this requires a comprehensive and accurate understanding of all of the factors involved. If you want to fix a faulty motorcar engine, then you won't do it if through improper understanding you think that traction is the problem. If there's something wrong with that engine, you have to have a good understanding of the engine parts and how they function together, and not in ignorance, try to fix the traction system!

When it comes to the matter of human existence it's the same. There are several different areas, modes, or levels of consciousness, energy and activity, all acting together, hopefully in a cohesive and integrated fashion. If something goes wrong, then it's necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the real areas where things went wrong, and address those. It's the same whether it's a personal problem of a single individual, or a social problem. And if there is a violent group of people, just wiping them out doesn't repair it permanently, because the problem that invoked the violence remains, and will rear its head time and again until the correct problem is addressed and corrected. You would think that humankind would have woken up to this already, after so many thousands of years of trying to fix recurring problems by wiping others out! Or is it that we are addicted to having problems? If so, perhaps it's time humanity came out of adolescence and learnt to work creatively together. I know that a sense of adventure is a requirement of the human spirit, and without adversity, there can be no adventure. However, there are much more creative and wholesome adventures to be had than the violent ones with which we seem entangled.

Another aspect of wholism is the concept that every part of existence is part of a single unified consciousness which exists pervading the world of space, time and form, but also transcendent to it within the nature of the Eternal. Whether you call this 'the Universe', 'God', or 'Cosmic Consciousness, I don't think matters at this time. We are all entitled to our own view of it, and to our own pathway to evolving human awareness. But it does help to have a proper understanding of the different areas that are involved in our makeup and our human consciousness. Each of these 'modes' works to its own and different set of laws. For that reason I will take a few moments to briefly outline them here. We will begin with the most 'solid' modes of existence and then work our way through the less solid levels:
1. The material world composed of space, time and form that is the home of our bodies.
2. Our biological bodies, which are a meld or composite of the material element and the 'life-force'.
3. The healing and life-maintaining energies and energy flows, which the Chinese philosophers called Chi energies and with which the practises of acupuncture and pressure point therapy work. Some call this the 'etheric' energy level.
4. The emotions and their energies, and which act to translate our thoughts into action.
5. The world of the human mind, and the many and different functions within it.
6. The inner 'soul', which some would say is the world of our meeting place and 'oneness with God, (if we don't close it down or allow it to atrophy).

7. The world of intuition and inspiration, and of spiritual energies, that are available to anyone who maintains an open soul.

8. The 'transpersonal' area of being, which is where we transcend our illusion of separateness of the 'ego' and experience that at this level, we are part of a Oneness, or Unity of the whole of mankind and of existence as a whole.

Stop for a little while to consider the last item. Its not difficult to realise that bringing people all over the world to an awareness of and a participation in this mode of existence, would transform our social relationships, and lead to a more peaceful and creative adventure for the world. For indeed, this carries with it the realisation that if we act harmfully to others, then we actually cause damage to ourselves at this level of our own being, and also to our soul activity.

This is the second element in the title of our Network, The Wholistic Communications Network. The concept of wholeness is the same as the concept of wholesomeness. It is also the concept of bringing people to wholeness in every aspect of their lives. This requires that they receive adequate and proper educational communications leading toward enlightened understanding and activity which is the third element in the nature of the term 'Wholism'. This leads people towards the ability to achieve their highest potentials, and imparts a sense of wellbeing that is of profit to the peace and harmony of the world for all of us.

Enlightened Understanding
This world is beset with misconceptions, wrong ideas, and with harmful conditioned awareness of all manners and varieties. It is also obsessed with the idea that others must be pushed aside in order to obtain what one requires. This is a wrong idea, and it is deeply ingrained in human consciousness. There need be no shortages. There are resources enough on the planet. Insecurities, greed, and the desire for power over others (instead of power with others), lead a minority of people to want to command, to the detriment of the majority, the greater part of the resources of this world.

These problems arise because of a special type of consciousness that is prevalent on this world. That is
'Fear-consciousness'. Fear is merely the opposite of love. I am not referring to sexually motivated love, but to the love generated by the sense of brotherhood (or sisterhood) and oneness that resides in the soul. Not the so-called 'emotional soul', but the soul that experiences the spiritual oneness of all things. It requires people to understand their inner selves at all levels, in order to better understand and love others and have the welfare of others at heart. This kind of consciousness is called 'Unity Consciousness', and it is achieved when proper inner understanding allows a person to transcend fear-consciousness which is generated by the idea of our 'separateness'. This sense of alienation is created and maintained by a projection of our minds, known as the human ego. It is reinforced by bad experiences at the hands of other people who were also motivated by fear and alienation and by misunderstandings and misconceptions about the nature of life.

You may exclaim what a huge task it would be to change all of this. Well of course it can't be done overnight. That doesn't mean that the process shouldn't be started. Its high time that it was started, because if not, the human race has a bleak future. To be willing only to put energy into it if it could be completed in our own lifetimes would surely be the height of selfishness. In any case, what about our children and our children's children! And what if it turns out that reincarnation is a reality? Then what kind of a world do we want to return to? Don't forget that the great movements of the world often began very precariously and via someone with a vision and a small band of supporters. But, by a combination of energy and good management, they multiplied and brought their influence to the world.

So, let us together, begin a process of becoming informed of the true nature of our inner being, and then playing a part in communicating it to others. All of this exists in written form. It just is waiting for you to join, to share a modest amount of time, energy and enthusiasm. Or if this is impossible, to donate funds or resources however you see fit, because unfortunately, in today's world no one can get far without funding and resources.


MISSION STATEMENT: To work in the fields of communication, training, workshops and the internet to promote and bring about enlightenment, and the understanding of wholistic principles and living, so that over the span of time our world becomes a happier, healthier place in which to live. By this process, to reduce the levels of distress, need, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems, criminality, war and violence in the world.

GENERAL STATEMENT: In order to be a wholesome and healing influence in the world, we must ensure that our principles harmonise with and assist the activities of the many other organisations and networks that work as best they can to overcome the problems of the world. Although our outlook may differ in some respects, we believe that the members of other groups, organisations and religions will be able to adapt our knowledge, principles and insights, in order to enhance activity within their own organisations and within their own lives. Additionally, as our time and resources allow, we look forward to dialogue with them, where this would be helpful. We are not attached to any religious or other kind of organisation. We may however seek to encourage as many of them as are compatible with our aims, to become associate members, so that there can be mutual support.


1. To encourage interested people over a wide range of skills and abilities, to join us in creating a network of volunteers.
2. To organise the volunteers so as to man the various sections and areas within the network.
3. To train the volunteers in wholistic awareness, so as to enable them to live fulfilling lives in a personal sense, and in application to their own roles within the network.
4. To create a network model that can be followed all over the world.
5. To seek support, sponsorship, funding and help with promotion and resources from individuals, businesses, corporations, project funding trusts, governments, and all kinds of helpful groups and organisations.
6. To enrol the widespread membership of people everywhere, and from all walks of life, and also the associate membership of all worthy groups and organisations where our aims and principles are compatible.


1. To propagate wholistic awareness, and to catalyse and encourage the spread of the Wholistic Movement throughout the world. To do this in such a way that governments, major organisations and other networks will recognise in our movement a wholesome one for the long-term benefit of their own countries, followers, and people of the world in general. Thus we hope that they will be happy to assist our work wherever possible.

2. To begin working upon a series of projects towards the achievement of our mission statement. Some projects will be common to all areas of the network. Others will be generated in the different areas within the network, according to the goals of the participants.

3. As we become financially strong, to employ salaried staff who will work to support the network and its volunteer corps.


1. To teach people how they may remain emotionally and mentally healthy despite the stresses of daily life and relationships. Also to give instruction in a special method so that people themselves are able to release and clear stress easily when it occurs.

2. To educate people as to the true nature of their being in all its aspects and dimensions, including Unity-Consciousness, and how to overcome and transcend fear-consciousness. Also to demonstrate the true nature of the soul and how it is that keeping it open prevents stress from forming. This is beneficial not only to those who practise it, but also to everyone near to them as well as to society as a whole.

3. To teach people how to organise so that world leaders are encouraged to act creatively and co-operatively together for the actual welfare and wellbeing of all peoples, and in all countries. Also towards this goal, to encourage world leaders to work to reconstitute and empower a true United Nations Organisation.

4. To encourage links with a multitude of various support groups that exist throughout the world, and who work tirelessly in many different ways to serve people with problems and difficulties and in a wholistic way, (whether they think of themselves this way or not). We acknowledge them and recognise that they are truly our brothers and sisters in spirit!

5. To set up projects to develop our network in all spheres of organisation and activity, and to attract helpers with the skills and abilities to help us to achieve this.

6. To encourage members in all places to set up wholesome projects for bringing about improved conditions and awareness and for betterment and harmonious living and towards the accomplishment of our mission statement.


We need many volunteers of all types, of all kinds of organisational skills, and people interested in educating people wholistically in accord with the outline contained in this work.

In the first instance we require people skilled in the following areas so that we can man the forming organs of the network.

People with computer skills in all areas and working with the Internet.
Interviewers able to assess volunteers as to their skills and abilities, and to place them to advantage.
Communicators able to express things persuasively and with clarity at personal or media levels.
Communicators to work via letters and e-mail.
Communicators to scout for funding from wealthy people who could be interested in our work.
People with liaison skills.
Policy creators and co-ordinators.
People with media knowledge and contacts.
People interested in the creation and running of a wholistic magazine.
Educators, especially those interested in communicating on things of the inner person at all levels.
People who understand goal setting and planning and the ability to break down goals into achievable targets.
Fundraisers and resource scouts.
Sponsorship scouts.
People with accounting skills.
Project leaders.
People interested in the creation of charitable trusts
Social catalysts.
People with political lobbying skills.
People who have contacts with environmental protection groups and organisations.
People to conduct public surveys.
Legal people.
People to scout for premises.
People to create pleasant social events to create good morale.

No doubt there will be other kinds of volunteer needed, but those are the main ones I can think of just off the cuff.

These will be arrived at through brainstorming via groups and Internet. One policy that I believe is a must is that our financial accounts should be open to scrutiny by our supporters and by the public, to show that no financial wrongdoing, or misuse of funds occurs.


Copyright Laurence Black, 2004.
E-mail: meteorite@paradise.net.nz

Note: Permission to reproduce the above is freely given, provided that acknowledgement of origin is shown, and contact details are included.


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