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The world is one united whole,
The world is the body, and God the soul.

– Cicero.

What is Wholism?

Wholism is based on the idea that there is a fundamental Unity and Oneness underlying all that exists.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, and despite any of life's sufferings, we do live in a beneficial Universe !

Wholism provides a practical philosophy which aims to bring
a sense of wholeness, wholesomeness, and inner fulfilment
into the lives of individuals, and more broadly, into the functioning
of society in general.

To become aware of how this is possible, read on!

The Wholistic Movement

Although there is as yet no widely accepted wholistic organisation in existence there is, however, a growing impulse among people of vision the world over, to bring a new wisdom to our world.

This is going to be needed if we are to avert the disasters, which do threaten our world in the 2Ist century. A growing number of like-minded people are arising the world over, and, miraculously seem to share similar wholistic ideas and vision. It is an idea whose time is come.

We are going to need much communication with, and help from interested persons who share this vision.

We are also going to need volunteers, fundraisers, and funding from people who can manage it, to bring our vision to reality. Perhaps such fundraisers can locate people of means who wish to support this endeavour in a practical way.

The Next Stage of the Plan

Those who share this vision look for a focus through which to channel energy into a practical endeavour for world-transformation. This will provide the basis for the solution of personal and social problems in a new way, and leading to reducing levels of criminality, violence, drug dependence, addiction, and other socially destructive ills.

This is only achievable through the creation of a strong and wholistically oriented umbrella organisation and network. Initially it will be formed by drawing upon delegates from existing organisations that already work on wholistic lines, but operate separately.

Then there will be a process of linking with many existing support groups that work in a wholistic spirit, and whose work we admire.
Thus will be created a sound, mutually beneficial, and empowering network dedicated to individual and social harmony, and improving conditions for all.

Why the Wholistic Vision Will Work

Deep within the fundamental nature of every human being is a centre of wisdom and harmony. Hidden here is the doorway to individual and social harmony and wholeness. This often becomes overlaid and mired down by stress, frustration, upset feelings and emotions, fear, anger, hate, and the effects of bad relationships and social conditions. And so it is that this centre of wholeness and healing within us can be overwhelmed by our lower nature. This leads to personal alienation, and is how operating from a lower centre and lower impulses come about. In this way are generated many human problems: disharmony, lack of wisdom, criminality, addictions, pollution of the environment, war, and Man's inhumanity to Man.

Mankind has never before had a complete and effective technology to teach people how to become adept at easily clearing away all the things that bedevil the soul. Such methods are part of the Wholistic knowledge, and along with providing an understanding of the 'human condition', there will be exorcised a number of destructive ideas and impulses that have blighted civilisation for thousands of years.

The religions of the past tried their best to deal with these things, but not then having all the needed technology, often got caught up in the grosser things they were trying to overcome. They also projected onto God their own human aggressive lower natures, and painted a picture of a very other than loving Being that is the real nature of Divine Being.

Today's religions, by partaking of wholistic understanding can rise to new levels of effectiveness, and become of immense assistance in this vision for the uplift of spirit for Man.

The new understanding provided by Wholism works in accord with the ancient dictum:

'Man Know Thyself, and the Truth Shall Set you Free.'

The Future

By providing the necessary understanding, and teaching people at large how to easily clear for themselves the stresses, personal frustrations, fears, angers, and lack of fulfilment that shut down the inner wisdom centre, and cloud the soul, Mankind will over time, progress to a new maturity.

It is our hope that you will be inspired to join us in our work to turn this vision into a reality.


Copyright Laurence Black, May 2006.
E-mail: meteorite@paradise.net.nz

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